Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Windows 10 Privacy Security Center Issues 2 min Fix Tips

In this video I discuss some of the privacy security center issues for Microsoft Windows 10.  The main part of the video you should see is from 00:30 until 02:30, hence my calling it two minute tips.  I really hope this helps you out.

I, like many of you, might have been tempted by the thought of a free download of Windows 10, however I feel like it's important to look at the data coming back from beta testers like myself.

There is a new feature called Cortana, which allows you to use your microphone to speak commands and ask questions, I demonstrate this in the video.

Also included is the new Edge web browser, which is much better from the old Internet Explorer and on par with Google Chrome.

I normally don't do videos on the latest tech news, but since everyone is keeping things in the cloud nowadays, I feel it's important to address these issues.

Before you jump on board the Windows 10 bandwagon (either from Windows 7 or 8) you should probably keep your current operating system until all the data is back from support issues.

Enterprise users will find this video helpful as most enterprise users are probably not using webcams, microphones, and don't want any keylogger or tracking on their private systems.